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Let Your Baby Photographs Tell A Story

photo studio in BangaloreA baby photograph that tells a story is more meaningful for the parents than just a pretty picture. Having an adorable baby photograph is just a cliché, so moving beyond that to capturing memorable baby photographs that tell a story makes sense. Read on to learn about how you can interweave and tell a story through the photographs MeriYaadein photo studio in Bangalore.

Newborns Destined To Be Friends From The Start

Two babies who were born in rooms next door in the same hospital were named Romeo and Juliet by their respective parents. The newborn babies, destined to be friends enjoyed snuggling up to each other and holding hands. The parents themselves happened to form an unexpected friendship. The photographs of these newborn babies tell a story that inspires and touches hearts. Capturing this emotion through photographs can go a long way in creating memorable photographs.

Lauren Levy said in a recent article on baby photography:

“Born just 18 hours apart, in the same hospital, by the same doctor, in rooms next door, and coincidentally named Romeo and Juliet, these newborns were destined to be friends from the start. But as their story has captured hearts across the internet, these star-crossed babies have also led their parents to form an unexpected friendship.”…Cassie Clayshulte, the photographer added: “The babies loved being snuggled up to each other, which is not typical when they aren’t twins who are used to being next to each other in the womb. They just loved each other and even held hands!”

Celebrate Miracle Babies Through APhoto Session

Celebrating miracle babies through a photo session gives reason for parents to cheer and have hope. Grieving parents find hope through these snaps, telling a beautiful touching story. This story of grief, mourning, loss, joy and cheer can be shared with others and remains a testimony to believing in miracles and seeing a silver lining in the cloud.

Kate Schweitzer said in a recent article on twin photography:

“As the girls celebrate their first birthday, Whitney shared a touching tribute to her two rainbow babies: a portrait of the baby girls in a milk bath surrounded by flowers.

She added: “I also wanted parents who are grieving to know that there are miracles for us who are suffering still to this day.”

Let your baby photograph tell a story today. Let it be personal or just help in narrating an incident that took place. See how it transforms your baby photography today.

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