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Make your newborn baby photos stand out

newborn baby photographsAlways wanted to take home beautiful baby snaps, but didn’t know how to go about it? How about trying out fun props or using desserts to feature in your newborn baby pics. Think out of the box and you’ll end up creating classic portraits that photographers will envy. Read on to discover what some talented photographers have tried and succeeded in creating adorable newborn baby photographs. Maybe you could steal an idea or two!

Try Fun PropsLike Hair Curlers And A Heat Lamp

If you thought hair curlers and a heat lamp were to be used by adults, you are mistaken. There are fun baby props that look too cute on babies. Hair curlers are just one of them. Get the right setting for the baby photos and you will be all set to create lasting memories of your little one. However, ensuring the comfort and safety of the newborn baby should be one of the primary concerns of the photographer. One way of doing this is to use a room heater and keep the temperature high so that the baby feels warm, even when they are wearing minimal outfits.

Melissa Willet said in a recent article on a newborn baby photoshoot:

Melissa explained to BabyCenter how this unique photo shoot came to pass. “I saw the prop for sale on a Facebook page that many of us newborn photographers use and I purchased it.”

But none of her clients requested the set for months. “When [this] mother said it was okay for me to use [it] for her session, I was so excited!” Melissa told us the mom is an OB nurse, not a hairdresser, but that the prop was too adorable to resist trying out.”

Get Creative With Desserts – Sugar and spice

Desserts go very well with babies as both are sweet. You can pair your favorite desserts or snacks with your newborn baby. This can make the photos come alive and add some color to the composition. Try fruit-based desserts to add some perspective. Babies are adorable and just need some colorful, fun props to support them in the photographs.

Kelly Richman-Abdou said in a recent article on capturing sleepy newborn photos:

“Creatively combining a lifetime of infant caregiving with 9 years’ worth of photography experience, Tillitson has mastered the art of baby pictures. Her precious portfolio showcases a range of artistic approaches, from traditional portraits of snoozing and smiling newborns to depictions of babies paired with desserts. Aptly titled Sweet, Sweet Baby, Tillitson dreamt up this sugary series for her daughter, whom she, unfortunately, lost late in her pregnancy.”

When you pair your favourite food with your baby, you will walk away making the photo session at once personal and memorable. Featuring all your favorite things in a single frame can help you preserve happy memories for a lifetime.

Make your newborn baby photos stand out by using fun props or by featuring your favorite desserts. You will walk away with adorable newborn baby photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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