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Maternity Photography Trends In 2017 To Know About

maternity photographyWhat are the trending ideas in maternity photography that have captured the imagination of expecting couples? Move over milk bath maternity photo sessions. The new trend is glitter-bath maternity photography and personalization of the photo session. Read on to learn about the maternity photography trends in 2017.

Glitter-bath maternity photography

Sometimes, creativity requires you to simply look in the closet. This is exactly what Australian photographer, Melissa Jean did. She found a bag of glitter, which she used to great effect in a maternity photo shoot. She had the expecting woman pose in a bathtub filled with glitter, creating stunning images.

Carolyn Robertson said in a recent article on an innovative idea for maternity photography:

“From sexy boudoir shoots to magical woodland scenes, expectant moms are getting very creative with their pregnancy photo themes these days.

The latest, and most spectacular, example? Glitter bath maternity pictures!

Australian photographer Melissa Jean stumbled upon the unlikely idea when she discovered a bag of glitter in her cupboard.”

Personalize the photo session

You could make the maternity photo session memorable for the expecting couple by involving people who have supported you during the pregnancy.Dr.Shannon M. Clark explains that she wanted to include the lady who was the egg donor and made the pregnancy possible for her. She was grateful to Tara, the lady who was the egg donor, for giving her the gift of motherhood and blessing her with twin babies.

Caralynn Lippo said in a recent article on an emotional maternity photo session:

“Of the decision to include Tara in the photos, Clark wrote: “I had a strong desire to acknowledge the woman who made my pregnancy possible. I wanted to show how grateful we were to Tara for her selfless act and the beauty of what we had all created together. I reached out to her about doing photos with me, and she agreed.”

The maternity photo shoot included her husband and the lady who was the egg donor. The photo session was personalized, making it an emotional journey for the couple, who have struggled to conceive. The touching images of the maternity photo session are memorable for the couple.

Making the photo session memorable for the expecting couple requires you to think out of the box and personalize the photo session. Knowing the trends in maternity photo session will help you stay ahead and take home well-composed maternity photographs.

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