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Photography Techniques To Improve Infant Baby Photography

infant baby photographyIt is a joy to watch infants for their cute, innocent expressions. However, when it comes to taking photographs, it can be a challenge to capture these expressions and get the infants to keep their eyes open. This article shares some photography techniques that you can use to improve the results you achieve with infant baby photography.

Feather The Light

Since infants are sensitive to bright light, it is suggested to feather the light to prevent squinting of the eyes. Feathering is a technique in which the source of light is adjusted in the softbox in such a way that the edges of the softbox are aimed at the infant. This will create the effect of diffused lighting and create beautiful infant photographs.

Use Flash Where Lighting Is Insufficient

If you’re capturing snaps in a location that has poor lighting conditions, it is a good idea to rely on flash to throw light onto the infant. However, use the flash at a 45 degree angle, so as not to throw bright light directly on the infant. Using the flash to throw light straight onto the infant can create ugly shadows in the resulting image.

Keep Clicking AndWatch For The Right Opportunity

You need to be observant and watch for the right opportunity to compose beautiful images. You may end up with beautiful infant snaps when you catch the infant yawning, smiling or laughing. Sometimes, it may take ten pictures to get one perfect snap.

Use Textured Or Layered Blankets

You should use textured or layered blankets that are comfortable for the infant. Avoid blankets that are very smooth as they may reflect light and may affect the final composition. A textured blanket can create contrast with the smooth skin of the infant, creating beautiful infant baby photographs.

Pay Attention To TheTemperature

Infants are likely to feel cold easily, so if you are planning on getting bare shots, it is a good idea to turn up the temperature. Use a room heater where possible to make the photo session comfortable for the infant. When you have a baby who is fast asleep, you will be able to get the snaps that you planned to achieve in a short timeframe.

This article shares some techniques to improve the composition of infant baby photographs. Use them to your advantage and see how it influences the snaps that you capture of an infant baby.

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