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Secrets to capture striking family photos

family photographsHave you run out of original ideas or looking for inspiration to capture lasting memories for families through well-captured family photos? Apart from having a professional camera, you need to have some creative ideas up your sleeve. Here are some pointers from professional photographers to help you capture striking family photographs.

Watch for fleeting moments

You don’t need to stage a photo session and get the family members to pose. These create boring images. Instead, keep your camera handy and watch out for fleeting moments. Working with a wider lens can help you capture priceless memories for your family.

Sean Cayton, an award-winning photographer based in Colorado Springs, said in a recent article sharing tips for clicking family photos:

“With a wider lens, I can work closer to the children and I can watch for fleeting moments that happen quickly and then are gone. These small moments really help tell the story.”

Don’t stress yourself to take picture-perfect happy smiles

It’s cliché to capture happy, smiling faces. So don’t stress yourself out when posing families and making them smile. Instead, capture snaps of the family members as they are, with their imperfections. This way, you will look back at the photographs and remember the why or the story behind the image.

Kim Cormier, who has worked for over 15 years as a professional studio photographer, shares some tips to capturefamily photos in a recent article on Greeley Tribune:

“A perfect smile is not the only goal.

“Crying baby photos are not the end of the world. Sometimes, people say they don’t want to forget that face. There are more emotions out there than just happy.”

Attempt to capture the family members in their real element, whether they are sad, upset or worried. After all, it’s our imperfections that make us who we are. We can bring the pictures to life by focusing on the emotions and expressions of the family members. This will help you capture striking family portraits.

The best part about family photos is that the family can help recollect fond memories by seeing the snaps. Get started with family photography today.

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