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Some Fun Themes You Can Use For A Baby Photo Session

baby photography studio in BangaloreSetting up a themed baby photo session can be fun and have special significance for expecting parents. Whether you choose a beach or a rainbow baby, let the photographs speak to you. It’s a very special feeling for a couple to welcome a child into the family. You can always share your theme suggestions with a baby photography studio in Bangalore and watch them as they bring it to life before your eyes.

Shreyanka Mazumdar said in a recent article in the Times of India:

“Themes are big now and they take the cuteness of the picture several notches higher. Sometimes, the baby dozes off as soon as I place him on the bed where I’ve set up the theme.”

Having a themed photo session can make a baby photographs exciting and interesting. It’s a great way to break through the clutter and attract the attention of audiences.

Rainbow Baby Photo Session

If the baby happens to be born after the loss of a previous baby, you could use the theme of a ‘rainbow baby.’  Use colourful scarves in the colors of the rainbow and place the baby on one end for a beautiful depiction of the ‘rainbow baby’ signifying hope for the couple.

Carolyn Robertson said in a recent article:

“A rainbow can follow even the most thunderous of storms, which is why the phrase “rainbow baby” seems like such a perfect way to describe a child welcomed after a loss.

Light after darkness, hope after despair.”

Baby Fast Asleep In Dreamland

You can use the stars in thenight sky for the backgroundand dress the baby in a onesie for this theme. Include a large cut out of a half-moon in the background and you will be ready for a great photo session. All that the baby needs to do is to fall asleep on a comfortable bed.

Sunbathing On The Beach

If the baby is a girl, you can use the theme of ‘sunbathing on the beach.’ You can use mermaid outfits for the girl baby and lay her on the folding chair. Have a smoothie ready on a nearby table with a tiny umbrella and a lemon. This works great if the photo session is taking place on a sunny day.

Birthday Party

If the baby’s birthday is fast approaching, you can time your photo session to coincide with the birthday. Everything about a party is fun. The balloons, cake, music and party hats make it exciting for everyone involved. This fun is best captured with well-composed snaps. Staging a birthday does not bring the same amount of fun as actually celebrating a real one. So take advantage of the opportunity to capture beautiful, lasting memories of the birthday bash.

You can make a baby photo session interesting and fun by incorporating some fun themes. This article offers a list of some fun themes that you can use for a baby photo session.

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