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Surprise Your Partner With An Innovative Photo Session

couple portrait studio in WellspringLooking for innovative ways to celebrate your love for each other or interested in couple photos? What better way to do this than to head to a professional couple portrait studio in Wellspring Hospital to capture lasting memories. However, if you are adventurous and want to look for some unique ways to propose to your partner, the ideas shared in this article may inspire you.

Get Creative WithA Mermaid-themed Photo Session

A mermaid-themed photoshoot is a good idea if your partner enjoys swimming or is a fan of mermaids. You need to make arrangements about the location and photographers in advance. This way you will be prepared for the photo session and give your love the best time of their life.

Eliza Murphy said in a recent article about a unique proposal:

“One man made quite the splash with his epic proposal. Eric Martinez not only pulled off the initial surprise of popping the question in a beautiful sun-drenched dry cave but then also arranged a whimsical mermaid-themed photo shoot by Del Sol Photography in Riviera Maya, Mexico.”

Couple Celebrate Their Wedding In spite of Hurricane Harvey

Another couple decided to turn a mishap around and made the best of it by getting married in spite of the hurricane. Shelly and her husband had made elaborate plans for their wedding 6 months in advance, which was washed away with the hurricane. With the help of some people, they were able to get married, in spite of the forces of nature.

Shelly explains about her unique wedding in a recent blog:

“My husband and I completely lost every plan we made over the last 6 months surrounding our upcoming wedding on September 2 due to Hurricane Harvey,” she wrote. “This included our wedding cake, the venue, the chapel the catering and so many other small details.”

The story is heartbreaking indeed. But Shelley goes on to explain how her pastor, Jorge Cardenas, and wedding coordinator saved the day. The pair not only helped them find another venue but checked on them several times throughout the day as well.”

Getting another venue and making arrangements for a wedding can be a challenge, especially at short notice and in trying circumstances. The couple celebrated their wedding and even managed to capture some photographs when posing in floodwaters.

Looking for interesting ideas to capture couple photos. This article shares some ways to surprise your partner with an innovative photo session.

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