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Sunday, January 15, 2017
What To Look For When Choosing A Baby Photographer

baby photographer in ChennaiWe understand that you’re excited about preserving memories of your kids, when they are babies. Before you know it, they are out of school and begin working. Instead of relying on your camera, you could hire the services of a professional baby photographer in Chennai to take home beautiful baby photographs. If you’re looking to hire a photographer to capture precious memories of your little one, the tips shared in this article will help you.

Look For A Photographer With A Fun Personality

Babies are very sensitive and respond differently to people, based on their mood. This is why it’s important to select a baby photographer with a fun personality. That way, they will be able to make the baby smile and even make faces for the camera. Getting babies to emote can be a real challenge, however, someone with a fun personality does not have to put in too much effort in it. Their positive and bubbly nature will be sufficient to elicit smiles on the baby’s face. (more…)

Thursday, March 10, 2016
Ideas To Capture Adorable Baby Photographs

baby photo studio in ChennaiIt is not every day that you get to capture beautiful baby snaps. It takes patience, practice and creative thinking to produce a stunning photography piece. Or you could head to a professional baby photo studio in Chennai to capture some great memories or moments shared with your tiny tot.

This article shares some interesting ideas that may help you capture picture-perfect baby images.

Understand The Personality And Style Of The Parents

Even before you begin the baby photo session, it is important to understand the personality and style of the parents. This can help you develop a perspective of what they may be expecting in the baby photographs. Ask questions and clarify if you have not understood a certain point. Be ready to be surprised or elaborate on your understanding to make sure that you have captured their expectations. (more…)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Fun Props To Use And Create Endearing Baby Snaps

baby photography in Chennai Babies are a delight to watch and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Their innocent expressions and reactions are a pleasure to observe, when they are awake and full of energy. How about the times when they are asleep and refuse to wake up for a photo session? How can you make the resulting baby pictures interesting, when all that they are interested in is to snooze? You can head to a studio that specializes in baby photography in Chennai to take some delightful pictures of your tiny tot.

Here are some fun props that you can use to create endearing baby snaps.

Try Knitted Accessories

There are many knitted accessories that you can use to create interesting baby photographs. These could be a knitted cap, gloves, a knitted mermaid costume or a Disney-theme costume. Decide on a theme for the photo session and choose a textured bedspread that compliments the selected theme. (more…)

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