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Friday, May 5, 2017
Here Are Some Recommended Poses For Dad And Me Photography

dad and me photographers in ChennaiEvery father cherishes the time spent with their kids. As the kids grow up, they relate on a whole new level with their parents. The way in which kids relate to their parent’s changes as they become older. Expert dad and me photographers in Chennai can help you reminisce the beautiful relationship that you share with your kid through well-composed images.

An Embrace From Behind

You could ensure that you capture the faces of both, dad and kids by asking the kid to embrace their father from behind. This pose reflects the close bond shared between the father and kid. The pose is very endearing and it elicits happy reactions from audiences. (more…)

Sunday, February 21, 2016
Cool Ideas To Rock Your Daddy And Me Photography Sessions

daddy and me photography Do you cherish those fun moments shared with your dad, when you’re out on a fun picnic or a dinner outing? Why not take advantage of this opportunity to record and relive the happy moments shared with your dad by having professional photographers capture ‘daddy and me’ photographs? If you’re looking for ideas to liven up a photo session, here are a few tricks to help you with your goal.

This article shares some great ideas to rock your daddy and me photography sessions.

Going Piggy-Back On Daddy

If the daughter or son is a child, you could have them piggy-back on daddy. If they’re older, you could have them wrap their arms around daddy. This will create some touching ‘daddy and me’ moments that will be frame worthy. (more…)

Saturday, October 17, 2015
Great Posing Ideas For Daddy And Me Photographs

daddy and me photographersDads are strong, dependable and ready to fight for you, when the need arises. There’s no better way to thank your dad, than to capture some great ‘Daddy and me’ portraits that he will be sure to cherish for a lifetime.

Running out of posing ideas for daddy and me portraits? This article shares several great ideas to make your daddy and me photographs memorable. If you are a photographer, who wants to go down in history as one of the best ‘daddy and me photographers,’ you need to have some tricks up your sleeves. If you are out of ideas when it comes to capturing some memorable images, this article will prove to be a useful guide. (more…)

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Ideas That Will Rock Your Dad And Me Photography Session

Daddy and me’ photography Are you out of ideas when it comes to capturing innovative dad and me photographs? Or tired of the same old poses that look staged and artificial? Then, it is time for you to take a quick look at a number of ideas outlined in this article that you can adopt for your ‘Daddy and me’ Photography session.

Try Dad Watching Over The Baby Pose

If the kid involved is a baby, this pose is a great idea. Make the baby feel comfortable and warm in a baby blanket and wait for the baby to fall asleep before having the dad watch over his baby with a smile on his face. This can trigger fond memories of the child in its infant years for the dad. (more…)

Friday, April 24, 2015
How To Capture Amazing Dad And Me Photographs

newborn baby photo studioEveryone cherishes the moments spent with their dad. There’s no better way to re-live the fond memories shared with your dad than by capturing the moments through photographs. This article shares some ideas on how to capture amazing dad and me photographs.

Capture The Two Of You In A Fun Activity

As a father and son pair or father and daughter, there are some activities that have enjoyed doing together. Here is your chance to have them captured in photographs. You can play drums together or go to your favourite hangout, be it a restaurant, beach or a park. These photographs will have sentimental value for the both of you. (more…)

Sunday, February 8, 2015
Daddy And Me Photography Is All About Being Candid

Daddy and me photography The toughest challenge for any parent is to make your children pose for a photograph. The tougher challenge is make parents, especially dads pose for a photograph.

Daddy and me photography is one type of photography that some photography studios specialize in. Children and dads are toughest to pose. Daddy is always special for his child. It is best to capture their candid pictures. (more…)

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