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Saturday, April 29, 2017
How To Capture Visually Interesting Family Photographs

family photo studio in MumbaiTired of seeing the same old mundane poses in your family photo album? Then, it is time to experiment with poses and ideas to take visually interesting family photographs. Head to a professional family photo studio in Mumbai to capture lasting memories of your loved ones through well-composed images. Read on for some tried and tested techniques to capture photographs that trigger fond memories for all.

Let The Family Members Touch Each Other At Some Point

You could convey ‘connectedness’ between individual family members by making them touch each other at some point. If the family members pose by maintaining some distance between them without hugging or holding hands, it can convey an awkward relationship or highlight the distance between them. (more…)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Little Known Tricks To Capture Great Snaps

photography in MumbaiLearning the art of photography takes skill, time and patience. However, there are some little known tricks that can help you with some great captures. Here are some tricks that you could use to create great images. When it comes to photography in Mumbai, it is suggested that you work with the best photographers who are aware of the best techniques to create well-composed images.

UseFlash In Bright Daylight                      

The simple trick of using flash will eliminate ugly shadows, especially when you’re taking pictures in broad daylight. These shadows often hide the facial features and expressions of people, resulting in poor composition. Pay attention to clarity of the image and make sure that the subject is facing the light source, instead of away from it. (more…)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Lighting Techniques That Every Portrait Photographer Should Know About

portrait photo studio in Mumbai Are you trying to hone your skills in portrait photography? While you can learn the essentials of photography from books and online articles, working as an assistant to an expert photographer will help you learn the techniques and tricks that can create some stunning photographs. You could even approach a professional portrait photo studio in Mumbai to learn the art of capturing portrait photographs. This article shares information about lighting techniques that every portrait photographer should know about. (more…)

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