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Thursday, January 25, 2018
Try These Unique Ideas For Your Maternity Photo Session

Maternity photo sessionLooking for creative ideas to share your pregnancy news with your family and friends? Try these tips to personalize your maternity photo session and make the photos appeal to you and your loved ones. At the end of the day, you want the photos to speak to you and not just feature fancy outfits or exquisite locations. Take a look at these creative ideas.

Blending Cultures In A Pregnancy Photo Session

You can choose to blend cultures in a pregnancy photo session, especially if both you and your partner come from different cultures or backgrounds. It will be a great way to introduce your child to your unique cultures and celebrate both through a photo session. Your child will appreciate your attempts to incorporate your respective cultures in the photo sessions. All you need for this is to get your hands on traditional outfits that represent your individual cultures. (more…)

Friday, October 21, 2016
How To Capture Awesome Underwater Maternity Photographs

maternity photographers in Old Airport RoadPlanning an underwater maternity photo session can be challenging, yet a fun experience. The comfort of the expecting mother and father should be considered when planning such a shoot. It’s a great idea to conduct a maternity photo session in the hot summer months. Expecting mothers will be more than willing to take a dip in the cool waters for respite in the heat. In addition, the outfit should be such that it allows for fluid movements. Rather than tight-fitting outfits, you should suggest flowy costumes that look magical underwater. Consult with maternity photographers in Old Airport Road to set up your maternity photo shoot today.Read on to learn how you can capture awesome underwater maternity photographs.

Communication Is Key

Communicating with your client about the look you’re trying to achieve and how it is possible, is key for the success of the photo session. Be as specific as possible to eliminate any confusion and delays in the photo session. This will ensure the comfort of the client, while you can achieve your vision. You need to ask yourself, “Am I looking for a mermaid look?” or “Do I want her personality to come through in the maternity photographs?” (more…)

Sunday, September 11, 2016
How To Capture Flattering Maternity Photographs

Maternity photographers in MalleswaramThere has been an increase in the number of women opting for maternity photo sessions. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that needs to be cherished by the couple. What better way to document the desires, dreams and joy felt in this period than to opt for maternity photography. This article shares some great ideas to capture flattering maternity photographs. Maternity photographers in Malleswaram can help you with some useful tips to capture flattering images.

Emphasize The Curves

A great way to make women feel beautiful and confident during their pregnancy is to capture beautiful photographs that document the pregnancy. You can achieve this by emphasizing the curves of the expecting woman through silhouettes. Silhouettes captured in the early morning hours or late evening hours can create beautiful maternity photographs.

Schedule Your Photo Session Between 30-34 Weeks

Women can become very self-conscious about the way they look after they complete 35 weeks of pregnancy. This is why professional photographers recommend that you schedule a maternity photo session between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy. (more…)

Thursday, July 7, 2016
How You Can Capture Cute Maternity Photographs

maternity photo studio in Chennai It takes some amount of creativity and a lot of planning to compose beautiful images for maternity photography.You can fix up an appointment at a leading maternity photo studio in Chennai to take stunning maternity photographs, which will trigger fond memories of your pregnancy. Read this article to learn about some interesting ways to spice up your maternity photographs.

Kisses On The Forehead

Whether it is the father who is kissing the expecting mother on the forehead, or vice-versa, this idea can help you capture cute maternity photographs. You can even involve any children who are part of the family in this maternity image. Allow them to strike a pose, while getting sandwiched between the parents. (more…)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
HowTo Capture Stunning Maternity Photographs

maternity photo shoot in MumbaiIt’s time to move over the same old poses for maternity photographs. Try to be creative and be open to new ideas. Get inspired by nature and/or select a theme for the snaps to tell a story through the images.Call now to book an appointment for a maternity photo shoot in Mumbai. This article shares some great ideas to capture stunning maternity photographs.

Play With Silhouettes

Some of the best maternity photographs use silhouettes. Creating beautiful silhouettes requires playing with lighting and posing. You could even use a fun prop like an umbrella or a hat to highlight the outline of the expecting mother. Include the expecting father in some of the images, while they are looking on the belly or kissing the belly. (more…)

Friday, June 12, 2015
How To Capture Beautiful Maternity Photographs

Maternity photographyDo you want to establish yourself as a professional maternity photographer? While there are some things that you can learn over a period of time, other techniques need to be learnt. Instead of capturing maternity photographs in standard poses, you should innovate and come up with better ideas for posing. Alternatively, head to the nearest photo studio that specializes in maternity photography in Mumbai. This article shares some great ideas to capture beautiful maternity photographs. (more…)

Sunday, February 1, 2015
Hire The Best Maternity Photographers For Your Maternity Photoshoot
Maternity photography

Maternity photography

Maternity is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman. These are moments which need to be cherished and enjoyed. Along with enjoying precious and special moments, you have to also capture those moments in the right way. To do that you should get in touch with the best maternity photographers. Only a would-be-mother understands the feelings and emotions during this phase. That is when you need to hire best maternity photographers. (more…)

Monday, January 12, 2015
How To Capture Flattering Maternity Photographs
maternity photographs

maternity photographs

If you are keen on becoming an expert maternity photographer, it is important to keep some points in mind. The focus of the snaps is not about the baby bump, it is the emotions, the excitement, the joy and love of the couple that needs to be captured through photographs. Here are some great ideas to capture flattering maternity photographs that an expecting couple will treasure for years to come. (more…)

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