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Take A Look At The Trends In Maternity Photography

Maternity photographer ChennaiTrends in maternity photography point towards an embracing of the female form and overcoming body image issues. With celebrities like Beyonce and Ciara becoming bolder in adopting semi-nude postures for maternity photography, the world is taking notice. This trend of having pride in the female form and in the experience of motherhood is catching on. You could schedule a maternity photo session by working with a renowned maternity photographer in Chennai to stay in tune with the trends.

It Helps In Overcoming Body Image Issues

Often, expecting women become conscious of their image and the weight that they’ve put on. However, they fail to realize the role they’re playing in bringing a new life into the world. A maternity photo session is an excuse to wear flattering outfits and celebrate pregnancy.

Kate Mooney said in a recent article:

“Burke, who photographs in all of the above styles, says for many of her clients, the shoots help them overcome body image issues.

“When we’re pregnant, oftentimes we are critical and cynical, ‘Oh, I’ve gotten so fat here, oh my body is changing there,’” says Burke, who at the time of this interview was eight months pregnant herself. “It’s a time to stop and say, ‘Hold on, your body is making a human. This is a really beautiful experience and let’s celebrate it.’”

In a moving and unique shoot, one photographer came up with a brilliant way to make sure that the expecting father could be a part of his wife’s pregnancy experience — from 7,000 miles away.

Creating Beautiful Memories For The Couple

A maternity photo session should create beautiful memories for the couple. This is what Traci Fugitt achieved when she cropped an image of the father, to be included with the mother, in spite of being several thousand miles away. The expecting mother wanted the father to be a part of the images, since he was deployed during the pregnancy. Seeing the final images made the expecting mother emotional as she saw her husband in the maternity photographs.

Carolynn Lippo said in a recent article:

“Traci Fugitt of Traci Lynn Photography, a Mabank, Texas-based photographer, captured stunning images of Nicole Bedwell, who is expecting her first child, in a field of Texas bluebonnets. If it had been left at just that, they would have been a standard (though, of course, beautiful) set of maternity photos. But what sets them apart is the decision made by Bedwell and Fugitt to crop Bedwell’s overseas husband Wesley, a navy corpsman, into one of the pictures.”

These trends in maternity photography reveal that maternity photographs are not simply about capturing images of the baby bump. It is about celebrating motherhood and reliving precious moments with your better half. Head to a nearest professional photo studio for a maternity photography session today!

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