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Take A Look At Trends In Outdoor Wedding Photography

Outdoor wedding photographersMany couples are opting for outdoor wedding ceremonies because of the exotic locations or picturesque backdrop offered by these places. An outdoor wedding can be exciting, unpredictable and yet full of surprises. Take a look at some of the trends observed in outdoor wedding photography.

Industrial Warehouses Are A Trending Location

Outdoor wedding photographers are accustomed to attend wedding ceremonies set against the backdrop of vintage castles and barns. However, industrial warehouses are slowly becoming a favourite of the couples who are planning to wed. These warehouses transform when they are decorated with flowers, lights and other decorations.

Jay Feeney said in a recent article:

“Barns and historic castles that have been in vogue recently are about to take a side step in 2017, because there’s a new player in town: the industrial warehouse. While industrial themes have been a somewhat popular wedding décor trend, the venue is now key if you want an industrial backdrop to your big day. Large, empty warehouses will be glammed up with flowers, romantic lights, and paper decorations to create a sleek and sophisticated venue for the party.”

Contrasting Outfits With The Location

Brides and grooms are also willing to be adventurous when it comes to their outfits. They prefer choosing outfits in contrasting colors to stand out from the backdrop or location. It makes the photographs come alive when these stark colors pop out against a dull backdrop.

Gabriella Rello said in a recent article on

“For their Palm Springs, California, wedding, Serina and Nevin chose a rich color palette that popped against their desert venue. Need proof the concept looks ultra chic? Just look at this portrait, captured by Carina Skrobecki. The bride and groom’s gold and red attire is in perfect contrast with their backdrop.”

The Weather Is Perfect No Matter What

Outdoor weddings can get ruined by an unexpected change in weather conditions. A sunny day turning cloudy and pouring rain can ruin a perfectly planned wedding. However, couples are now adapting to the change in weather and are embracing the changing weather conditions. They are happy in celebrating and sharing their love for each other, no matter how unpleasant the weather is.

Did you know that industrial warehouses have become the current favourites of couples looking for a wedding location this summer? This article takes a look at trends in outdoor wedding photography.

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