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Things To Watch Out For In Baby Photography

baby photography While we get to read a lot about baby photography tips and ideas, not much material is out there on what to watch out for in baby photography. Read this article to know the things to keep a watch on, to be better prepared and walk away with beautiful baby photographs.

Watch out for baby acne in the second week

If you’re looking to capture the flawless skin of the baby, it’s a good idea to schedule the photo session within the first week of the baby’s birth. This is because baby acne often kicks in the second week of a baby’s birth. It will difficult to edit the image to eliminate these acne marks.

LynetIgadwah said in a recent article on the fine art of baby photography:

“Also, note that baby acne tends to kick in around the second week and while I will retouch blemishes out of your final image excessive acne can be difficult to remove entirely,” says Shama whose passion for photography was ignited with being a mother.

Shit happens! Be prepared to clean up

A newborn baby can decide to pee or poop at the most inconvenient time. Be prepared with diapers, wet napkins and tissues. It’s a good idea to coincide the baby’s nap time with the photo session. This way, the baby will easily cuddle up and you can pose the baby easily. If the baby is awake, you may find it a challenge to get sleeping poses.

No harsh lights on baby’s skin please

Another point to consider is to avoid harsh lighting on the baby’s skin. A newborn baby has sensitive skin, so it’s best to avoid harsh lighting. The safety of the baby is very important. Take precautions to avoid injury to the baby. You could use the help of the parents to hold the baby in a certain pose and edit them out later. This way you can accomplish your goals and achieve the photographs that you desire.

Arun Edakkara, curator of Bliss Photo Art said in a recent article addressing child safety in baby photography :

“There cannot be any compromise with safety. Harsh lights can never be used on the velvety soft baby skin. One needs to spend a lot of money and time in creating the themes and executing them.”

Baby photography allows you to capture priceless images of newborn babies that the parents and families can treasure for a lifetime. Here are some things that you need to watch out for in baby photography.

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