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Tips To Have A Smooth Newborn Photo Session Outdoors

newborn photo studio in Chennai While it is recommended to schedule a newborn baby photo session indoors, there are times when you can get some great captures in an outdoor location. Head to the nearest newborn photo session to capture some adorable baby photographs. New born babies need a lot of care and attention and it can be tricky to manage them during an outdoor photo session.

This article shares some great tips to have a smooth newborn baby photo session outdoors.

Tip#1: Protect The Baby From Direct Sunlight

A newborn baby’s skin is very delicate and needs to be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. This is why it is necessary to provide sufficient shade for the baby by using props like an umbrella or a lampshade.

“Two great ways to do that are either having someone hold a scrim above the baby or what I do is have one of the spotters holding a very large beach umbrella.”

Tip#2: Bring Along Some Blankets Or Wraps

Newborn babies get cold easily, so it is important to keep them warm during the photo session. Carry along some blankets or wraps in neutral colors to keep the baby cosy during the photo session. Avoid bright colored blankies, as they may distract attention from the baby.

Tip#3: Make Sure The Baby Is Well-Fed Prior To The Photo Session

The newborn baby’s comfort should be your top priority. Make sure that the baby has had a feed before you have the photo session. If the baby is hungry or feels restless, take a break and allow the baby to have a feed. It will calm the little one and help you get the shots that you’ve always wanted.

Tip#4:Watch Out For Bugs

An outdoor location can have bugs and the insects may be unpredictable in their movements. These insects can trouble the little one and may cause the baby to cry, making it a challenge to get the desired shots. Hence, it is important to have at least two assistants to keep watch over the newborn baby. Use plenty of blankets or wraps to keep the baby out of reach of bugs. Keep the baby at a good height to keep the bugs away and have a happy baby.

“Watch out for bugs! When using tree stumps, grass or other natural backdrops I prefer to utilize baskets filled with blankets or stuffers to keep baby safe from creepy crawlers.”

An outdoor photo session has its own set of challenges for a newborn baby photo session. Read this article to learn about some great tips to have a smooth newborn photo session outdoors.

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