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Tips To Pose The Baby In An Outdoor Photo Session

baby photo studio in Old Airport RoadYou can capture genuine, happy expressions on the face of the baby when you schedule an outdoor photo session. This is because the natural sunlight present outdoors will make the baby feel energetic and radiate genuine happiness. Head to a professional baby photo studio in Old Airport Road, Bangalore to capture beautiful baby portraits and read this article for some great ideas.

Pose The Baby Surrounded By Flowers

You can have the baby lie down on a bed of flowers while tying a colourful bandana around the baby’s head. This way, the focus remains on the baby, making the photograph stand out. Moreover, the baby will enjoy lying down on the bed of soft, fragrant flowers.

Try The Sleeping Baby In The Basket

If the baby is asleep, you can take advantage of the opportunity to capture some picture-perfect snaps of the little one, asleep in a basket. If you have some assistants, you could even float the basket on a lake in the park, while ensuring the safety of the baby.

Pose The Baby With Favorite Toys/Dolls

If you want happy expressions on the baby’s face, you can tell the parents to bring along the baby’s favourite toys and have them all around, with the baby in the middle. You can even stagger the dolls or soft toys and have the baby seated along with them. This way, you can be assured of happy smiles that reflect the child’s happiness, rather than wait to capture the right moment.

Keep The Baby Warm

Make sure that the baby is warm and comfortable to ensure a smooth photo session. A baby who feels cold may not give you the expression that you expect during the photo session. You could get the baby’s blankie or favourite sweater to ensure maximum comfort of the little one.

Idaho photographer, Alexandra Taylor shares some of her tips in a recent article:

“Talk with your photographer and pick a day with warm weather or ask your photographer to bring plenty of layers for baby. Swaddle blankets & wraps will make for an easier session with a happier baby.”

This article shares some great tips to capture beautiful baby photographs outdoors. It takes some planning and imagination to capture memorable baby portraits that the family will cherish for years to come.

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