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Tips To Select A Perfect Background For Your Portraits

Family portraitsWhether you are taking photographs of an individual or a group of a people, the choice of the background can influence the final composition. There are many factors to consider when selecting the background and composing beautiful images. Take a look at some of the factors to improve your images.

Use A Shallow Depth of Field For The Bokeh Effect

If you’re looking to highlight an individual in the foreground, it’s a good idea to soften the background. Using a shallow depth of field will help you achieve the bokeh effect, creating perfect family portraits. Using a lens with a large aperture will do the trick

Will Nicholls said in a recent article on achieving blurry backgrounds in portraits:

“A soft background, or bokeh, is achieved by using a shallow depth of field. This comes from using a lens with a large maximum aperture.”

Increase The Distance Between The Subject and Background

Another trick you can use to create a stunning image is to increase the distance between the subject and the background. This way, you’ll end up creating stronger bokeh and an increased contrast between the subject and background.

Awais Ahmed said in a recent article:

“It is often a good idea to increase the distance between the model and the background. The benefits are stronger bokeh (see step 3) and the higher likelihood that the background will be bright or dark [greater contrast between brightness of the model and background (see tips 4 and 5)]. In addition, your image gains in depth, which makes the composition more interesting.”

Avoid Distractions When Selecting A Background

The whole idea of taking a photograph is to let the focus be on the subject. This is why it is suggested to avoid choosing backgrounds with distracting elements, like too many designs or colours. Instead, select a background with a solid color. This will help the focus remain on the subject in the photograph.

Follow the tips shared in this article when composing a portrait and selecting a background. This will help you capture beautiful portraits that you can cherish.

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