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Top Tips To Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

wedding photography in BangaloreYour wedding day will undoubtedly remain one of the most memorable days of your life. The best wedding photography in Bangalore the photographs of your wedding are all that will remain with you, to tell you how you celebrated and looked on the biggest day of your life.This is why you should make sure that you look your best by getting groomed and selecting outfits that suit your body. Here are some great tips that you can use to look your best on your wedding day.

Get Groomed By Visiting The Salon

The first step that you can take to look your best is by visiting the salon atleast two-three months in advance.If you’re concerned about the tan that you’ve got in your last vacation, you can try bleaching to look your best. In addition, work with a professional hairstylist to find a style that compliments you.

Debrarati S. Sen said in a recent Times of India article:

“A few visits to a professional salon, two-three months in advance, will make sure you are perfectly groomed for the big day.”

Practice In Front Of The Mirror

Find out which poses look best on you by practicing in front of the mirror. Don’t feel hassled by the photographer’s instructions in the nth minute. Try a variety of expressions and find out what suits you. It may be an angle, a pose or a smile. You could even go over your photographs and identify the best looks and try to recreate the same expressions or looks.

Karen Ruffini said in a recent article:

“You know that one selfie you’ve plastered on every social media channel?Figure out the angle of your face in that photo, and practice in the mirror to recreate it. Narcissistic? Maybe. Necessary? Absolutely.”

Wear Outfits That Complement You

Remember, that an outfit that looks great on your friend may not be the best bet for you. You need to develop a sense of style and choose outfits that complement your features and bring out the best in you. Tailored outfits are a great idea as they sit right on you and make you look both elegant and confident.

Stay Off Alcohol And Hydrate Yourself A Week Before

It is a good idea for both the bride and groom to stay off alcohol for atleast a week before the wedding. This will bring a natural glow to their faces that will make them look like a million bucks. The bride and groom should drink plenty of water and catch up on their beauty sleep to feel relaxed and be free of stress. This will help them look their best on their wedding day.

Everybody wants to look the best on their wedding day, because, arguably they will be photographed the most on this day. However, they need to plan everything to be free from tension on their wedding day.

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