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Trends In Maternity Photo Sessions You Should Watch Out For

maternity portrait photographyWhether it’s realism or documentary-style, you need to plan your maternity photo sessions in advance. One way is to keep an eye on the latest trends in maternity photo sessions. Take a look at some of the trends that have captured the attention of photographers and maternity portrait photography enthusiasts alike.


From The Perspective of A Daughter

In a recent photo shoot, a 9-year old girl has captured beautiful images of her mother during her maternity. The girl has taken the roles of both an art director and photographer for the photo shoot. The images, taken from the perspective of a daughter are well-composed and speak for themselves when it comes to the beauty of the pregnancy period.

Ekua Hagan said in a recent article about a maternity photo session:

“Goddess, indeed. In fact, it’s pretty hard not to look at these shots and want to hire this little girl ASAP! From the stunning butterfly crown to the simple styling of the shoot, this little lady definitely captured her mom’s beauty, both inside and out.”

Remembering The Loss With Rainbow Babies

Rainbow babies celebrate hope after loss, joy after experiencing grief and are a celebration of life. Babies conceived after loss bring hope to families. These rainbow babies should be celebrated, while the loss of a life mourned and cherished with well-composed images.

Melissa Willets talks about honouring infant loss with rainbow pregnancies in a recent article:

“JoAnn Marrero of From Labor to Love Photography recently captured eight women who are pregnant with rainbow babies — babies conceived after the dark storm of loss. These photos honor that loss, and embrace the hope of new life. In a post on Facebook, Marrero wrote, “We must remember and celebrate the beautiful souls that we grieve for so deeply, yet we must stand tall, be brave and look ahead to the beauty the future will bring.”

While the pain of losing a child can only be healed with love and time, the arrival of a baby should be celebrated. Planning a rainbow baby photo session may include getting some colourful outfits in rainbow colors.

You can experiment with these ideas in maternity photo sessions and capture beautiful images that will tell a story. Sometimes, all it takes is a different perspective. You can get your daughter to capture beautiful images of your maternity. Or tell a story of love and hope, in spite of the pain and grief.

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