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Tricks You Can Use To Capture Candid Portraits of Kids

candid portraitsCapturing candid photos of kids can be a challenge for photographers because kids can be unpredictable in front of the camera. While some are camera-shy and withdraw into a shell when you put a camera in front of their faces, others can be difficult to pose, because they don’t sit still and want to keep exploring. This article shares some tricks that you can use to capture candid portraits of kids.

Get Toys That Are Fun and Look Good In The Photos

You could ask the parents of the kid to get their favorite toys along for the candid photo session. Or simply pick up toys that are not only fun to play with, but will also look good in the photographs. Posing with colourful balls, balloons, bubbles and wooden blocks is a good idea to capture candid portraits of kids.

Jordan Pinder shared in a recent blog about tips to capture candid portraits of kids outdoors:

“You can ask parents to bring along a few favorite toys, or bring some of your own. When choosing toys, I like to pick simple items that I don’t mind showing in some of the photos. Some examples include balls, wooden blocks, balloons, and bubbles. Keeping the focus on playing and not on taking pictures is the name of the game when creating candid children’s portraits.”

You could break the ice by playing along with the kids. It will immediately earn you some brownie points and get you going.

Respect Kids And Create A Joyful Environment

The key thing to remember when taking candid portraits of kids is to respect them. Treat them as if they were adults. If they are not co-operating during the photo shoot, don’t force them, simply re-schedule the photo session. Consult with the parents for a timing that is suitable to conduct the photo session, when the kid is active and energetic.

Emma Grigoryan said in a recent article on respecting kids while photographing them:

“If I had to give just one tip that would be to respect the little human beings. …Create a playful environment kids would enjoy and be more open instead of forcing them to do something.”

Listen to what the kid says and oblige them for their requests, where you can. Explain where you can’t. Make suggestions and talk to them as if they were your friend. You’ll gain their trust and the kids will be more willing to listen to your directions.

Instead of talking down to them and giving them instructions, make the candid portrait session a game that is fun to play. Confide some secrets to them and keep some goodies ready with you. Children will be ready to listen to you, if they know you will reward them with chocolates or some tasty treats later on.

You don’t need to force a candid pose from a kid. Respecting the kids and getting toys for them to play with, are just some ways to capture candid portraits of kids. Use these tricks to capture candid portraits of kids.

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