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Try A Birthday Theme That Works For You

birthday photo shootLooking for a creative theme for your child’s birthday party? Why not make it personal and meaningful by focusing on your child’s interests. Not every child enjoys eating cake. They might prefer savories, tacos or ice-creams. Try a birthday theme that works for you.

A Taco-Themed Birthday Photo Shoot

The baby’s family has a special connection with tacos because the mother went into labor in a Taco Bell drive-thru. The baby’s parents also had their first unofficial date in a Taco Bell franchisee location. The decision to have a taco-themed first birthday photo shoot was well-received and inspiring many others to have a similar themed photo shoots as well.

Caralynn Lippo said in a recent article about a taco-themed birthday photo shoot:

“But the latest addition to the seemingly never-ending stream of viral smash photo shoots might just be the cutest yet — baby Delta Rose’s parents threw her a Taco Bell themed first birthday photo shoot, complete with ~actual tacos~ and a priceless “Taco Bout A Party” banner hanging in the background.”

Try A Burger Smash Instead

Yet another mother decided to have a burger smash for her son’s birthday party. Instead of having the customary cake smash theme on the birthday, the mother decided to celebrate her son’s preference in taste. Since his tastes were similar to her late grandmother’s, she decided to celebrate it by having a burger smash at her favorite restaurant – ‘In-N-Out Burger.’

Becky Viera said in a recent article on her son’s first birthday photos:

“My son is proving to tastes that are similar to his great-grandmother’s. When offered an option, he almost always chooses savory over sweet. With his first birthday approaching, my husband and I wanted to find a way to incorporate his tastes and personality into a photo to mark the occasion….I immediately thought of my grandma and In-N-Out Burger. At 100 years old she would always request its cheeseburger and fries (animal-style). I lost count of how many times we enjoyed it together and it felt perfect.”

Don’t be afraid to try out new ideas that appeal to you, especially if it has a special significance to you and your family. What matters at the end of the day is that the photos should speak to you. The snaps should tell a story. That’s what makes a photo session a success. Be creative when it comes to picking a theme for the birthday party of your child.

While your child enjoys the party, you will walk away with priceless memories. After all, you want to make the first birthday memorable. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan and put on your party hat for your little one.

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