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Try These Unique Ideas For Your Maternity Photo Session

Maternity photo sessionLooking for creative ideas to share your pregnancy news with your family and friends? Try these tips to personalize your maternity photo session and make the photos appeal to you and your loved ones. At the end of the day, you want the photos to speak to you and not just feature fancy outfits or exquisite locations. Take a look at these creative ideas.

Blending Cultures In A Pregnancy Photo Session

You can choose to blend cultures in a pregnancy photo session, especially if both you and your partner come from different cultures or backgrounds. It will be a great way to introduce your child to your unique cultures and celebrate both through a photo session. Your child will appreciate your attempts to incorporate your respective cultures in the photo sessions. All you need for this is to get your hands on traditional outfits that represent your individual cultures.

Carol Kuruvilla said in a recent Huffington Post article:

“The Valverdes strove to celebrate what they call their “IndiSpanic” culture during a maternity shoot in January at Harry Myers Park in Rockwall, Texas.

During the first part of the shoot, Sherine was resplendent in a vibrant and heavily embellished red sari. The couple held tiny red juttis, traditional Indian shoes.

For the second half of the shoot, Sherine said she wanted to represent her husband’s Hispanic culture. She wore a flower in her hair and a green floral print dress, while Alessandro wore a white, half-sleeved shirt. Sherine hoped the elements gave off “more of a tropical feel.”

Glitter Bath Maternity Photos

Move over milk bath maternity photography. It has now become passé. The trend has shifted to glitter bath maternity photos. Filling the bathtub with a bag of glitter that is placed strategically to highlight the baby bump is a great way to plan your maternity photos. It will result in stunning maternity photos that you can cherish.

Carolyn Robertson said in a recent article on a pregnancy photo session:

“Australian photographer Melissa Jean stumbled upon the unlikely idea when she discovered a bag of glitter in her cupboard.

Having shot many, many floral bath maternity pictures, Melissa figured it was time to try something new. The result is just stunning.”

Do you find yourself lacking creative ideas for a maternity photo session? Use these ideas to produce stunning maternity photos that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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