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Use The Maternity Photo Shoot As A Platform To Tell Your Story

maternity photo sessionInstead of making the maternity photo shoot just another photo shoot that you have to pose for, you can turn it around and use it as a platform to tell your story. Personalize the photo shoot, by the choice of location, outfits or theme. After all, it’s the memories that you make that will live long after the photo shoot is completed. Here are some ideas that moms have taken up to liven up their maternity photo session.

A Glitter Maternity Photo Shoot To Honor A Stillborn Baby

Here’s one way to celebrate motherhood and even cherish the memories of a loved one. You can do a glitter maternity photo session to honor a stillborn baby. The pain of losing a baby can affect the parents deeply, causing scars that can take longer to heal. You can treasure the memories of the little baby by thinking up an innovative idea for a maternity photo session. In this case, the photographer thought of glitter as a way to celebrate the life of the lost child.

Jordyn Smith said in a recent article on maternity photo shoot:

“In recent years, brave moms have been turning the unimaginable pain of losing a child into something that doesn’t need to be shied away from with amazing rainbow baby photo shoots. After losing a child and becoming pregnant again in the same year, this mom staged a photo shoot to honor both of her little ones — and the glittering results are just as beautiful as they are moving.”

Cravings-Inspired Photo Shoot

You could also focus your maternity photo session on the cravings that you had during the pregnancy. It could be something as silly as peanut butter, pickle or ice-cream. One mom took it one step further by having the maternity photo session inside a grocery store.

Nicole Pelletiere in a recent article on a cravings-inspired maternity shoot

“Amy Scott of Montgomery, Texas, recently posed for a maternity photo shoot inside her favorite spot — the grocery store.

“I’m not the type of person to get glamorous for a photo shoot, especially in my eighth month of pregnancy,” Scott told ABC News in a statement. “Moms can totally relate to just wanting to eat their way through a grocery store while pregnant. There has been so much positive feedback and a lot of ‘Why didn’t I think of that?'”

You can use the maternity photo session as a platform to tell your story. A glitter maternity photo session is what you can plan to cherish your babies. Having a cravings-inspired photo session can be a great way to feature your emotions during the pregnancy.

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