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Winning Tips To Capture Stunning Portrait Photographs

portrait studio in PuneA perfect portrait can be as elusive as getting a perfect dress. Many people expect portraits to define their appearance and often have unrealistic expectations.   However, armed with tips from professional photographers, it can be accomplished. You can, however, aim to take flattering snaps that present the best ‘you’.Read this article to learn about winning tips to capture stunning portraits or simply head to an expert portrait studio in Pune.

Use A Fast Shutter Speed

When you have families involved in a photo session, it can be a challenge to keep them still. The kids who enjoy frolicking around and the camaraderie shared between them can be a challenge for photographers. This is where technique comes to the rescue. Simply use a faster shutter speed. This way you can avoid blurry portraits and enjoy better clarity in the resulting portraits.

Jeff Meyer said in a recent article:

“People move around a lot as they’re photographed, not to mention blink and constantly change their facial expressions – and there’s nothing worse than a photo of somebody half-blinking or gurning instead of smiling!

To avoid these problems, and to prevent motion blur appearing, you’ll need to use a fast shutter speed.”

Maintain Distance From The Subject

Photographer Chris Gampat says in a recent article:

“The last and one of the most important parts of portraiture with a 50mm lense has to do with distances.,,,the further back you move from a subject, and the more centred they are, the less distortion will be at play.”

This simple trick will help the subject to be more in focus, creating sharp images that highlights the personality of the subject. Maintaining adequate distance from the subject will go a long way in achieving better focus in the resulting portraits. Nobody wants to see a blurry background that is highlighted out of proportion in a portrait. It is the subject who should attract attention.

Posing Tip: Stick The Chin Out

If you want to make puffy faces disappear, simply ask your subject to stick their chin out. This will automatically draw attention to their angular features, making them appear slimmer and eliminating puffy faces in the bargain.

Don’t fret the next time you are asked to handle portraits. Use these tips to capture portraits that are flattering and enjoy having customers return to you for more.

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