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Sunday, September 11, 2016
How To Capture Flattering Maternity Photographs

Maternity photographers in MalleswaramThere has been an increase in the number of women opting for maternity photo sessions. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that needs to be cherished by the couple. What better way to document the desires, dreams and joy felt in this period than to opt for maternity photography. This article shares some great ideas to capture flattering maternity photographs. Maternity photographers in Malleswaram can help you with some useful tips to capture flattering images.

Emphasize The Curves

A great way to make women feel beautiful and confident during their pregnancy is to capture beautiful photographs that document the pregnancy. You can achieve this by emphasizing the curves of the expecting woman through silhouettes. Silhouettes captured in the early morning hours or late evening hours can create beautiful maternity photographs.

Schedule Your Photo Session Between 30-34 Weeks

Women can become very self-conscious about the way they look after they complete 35 weeks of pregnancy. This is why professional photographers recommend that you schedule a maternity photo session between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy. Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
How To Transform Baby Photographs Into Magical Images

Baby photo studio in kalyan nagarLooking for ways to spice up your baby photographs and transform them into magical images? Tired of the same old baby photographs that don’t inspire or get a ‘wow’ reaction from your friends and family? While it may be a challenge to get babies to emote or pose for you, there are some ways you could create magical baby images that speak to you. While you could always head to a baby photo studio in Kalyannagar to capture well-composed images of your little one, these tips may come in handy.

Include Those Locations That Carry Special Memories

A simple way to capture great baby pics is to choose the locations with care. If there is place that carries fond memories for you as a couple, make sure that you capture photographs of the baby in these locations. Talk to the photographer and schedule the photo session in these specific locations. Years later, when you look back at these images, you will re-live the fond memories associated with the place. Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday, September 1, 2016
Discover Ways To Approach Newborn Baby Photography

newborn photographers in BangaloreCapturing drool-worthy images of your newborn baby is not as simple or easy as you think. The skin of a newborn baby is sensitive and very delicate. In most cases, all you get to see of the baby is the red head, since the newborn baby is usually wrapped up in cloth. You will not be able to get the right poses from the baby, as the baby would simply curl up to sleep. There are several newborn photographers in Bangalore who have mastered the art of newborn photography. Read this article to discover ways of approaching newborn baby photography, as explained by expert photographers.

Capture Lifestyle Shots Of Your Baby

It’s a good idea to capture lifestyle shots of your little one. This kind of photography requires taking pictures in the parent’s house. Since it intends to depict life for the family, you may choose to take photographs of the baby while you’re changing diapers or feeding the baby. The plus side of this style of photography is that the newborn tot is likely to feel comfortable in their home, without feeling uncomfortable in a studio setting. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
How To Capture Stunning Wedding Photographs

photography studio in Church streetWondering how you can impress your clients by capturing stunning wedding photographs? While there is no fixed formula that can guarantee stunning wedding images, there are some tips you can use to improve your photography skills. It takes some planning, adequate research, identifying your key strengths and capturing images that evoke emotions. You can approach a professional photography studio in Church street to get expert tips on wedding photography. Read this article to learn more about how you can capture stunning wedding photographs today.

Pre-planning Goes A Long Way

While it may difficult to predict the lighting conditions or the skin tone of people, you could always scout for excellent locations that offer good backgrounds for wedding photography. Find out those people or events that you need to take images of. When you are prepared, you will not miss out on all the important shots, ensuring happy clients all the way. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday, August 26, 2016
How To Build A Winning Portfolio

modelling photo studio in Chennai As budding photographers, you may feel the pressure of building a portfolio that features your best work. Or you realize the need to create a winning portfolio, but have no idea how to go about it. Doing some research can guide you about which photographs to include and which to eliminate. Speaking to expert photographers at a modelling photo studio in Chennai can give you some useful pointers as well. Here is some guidance from photographers who have been through it all.

Know Where You Stand

Self-realization can help take you forward in your career as a photographer. While accepting compliments is easy, learning from criticism can improve your photography skills and help establish yourself. Ask honest feedback from senior photographers. This will help you know where you stand. Before you begin marketing your portfolio to modelling agencies, show them that you know your stuff. You need to establish yourself and gain recognition among your peers, before you solicit work with top-rated modelling agencies. Read the rest of this entry »

Monday, August 22, 2016
Winning Tips To Capture Stunning Portrait Photographs

portrait studio in PuneA perfect portrait can be as elusive as getting a perfect dress. Many people expect portraits to define their appearance and often have unrealistic expectations.   However, armed with tips from professional photographers, it can be accomplished. You can, however, aim to take flattering snaps that present the best ‘you’.Read this article to learn about winning tips to capture stunning portraits or simply head to an expert portrait studio in Pune.

Use A Fast Shutter Speed

When you have families involved in a photo session, it can be a challenge to keep them still. The kids who enjoy frolicking around and the camaraderie shared between them can be a challenge for photographers. This is where technique comes to the rescue. Simply use a faster shutter speed. This way you can avoid blurry portraits and enjoy better clarity in the resulting portraits. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday, August 20, 2016
Listen To What The Experts Say About Capturing Stunning Portraits

portrait studio in Kalyan nagarLeading photographers attribute the art of capturing beautiful portraits to various tricks and techniques. Capturing beautiful portraits involves having a keen eye for detail and good communication with your subject. Read this article to know what the experts say it takes to capture stunning portraits. Work with a portrait studio in Kalyan nagar to learn the tricks of the trade today.

Get Adventurous

It pays to be adventurous as you may end up capturing a different viewpoint or angle that can result in a captivating photograph. Don’t be afraid to experiment with angles, perspectives and/or locations. Get creative with your shots and you’ll end up being blown away by the results. Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday, August 18, 2016
Improve In The Game of Golf By Using These Resources

Prestige Golfshire Junior Tournament Want to tee your way to par and take everyone by surprise? Golf is a sport that you need to be trained for to play and learn. It would help to opt for coaching from an expert golfer. This way, you’ll save time and learn the best tricks and techniques to find success.

There are many apps available that are designed to help you improve your game of golf. Apps that help you keep score, calculate the distance and learn golf techniques.  Swing by Swing is one of the most popular golf apps for scoring. Sports Illustrated Golf is yet another app that offers instruction videos from top teachers. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
What To Wear For A Maternity Photo Session

maternity photo studio in Gurgaon What are the best outfits to wear for a maternity photo session? If you’re out of ideas when it comes to deciding flattering outfits, refer this article for some useful ideas. A professional maternity photo studio in Gurgaon knows how to capture beautiful maternity photographs to help the couple re-live fond memories of the pregnancy period. Read this article for outfit ideas that will rock your maternity photo session.

Use The Photos to Reflect the Couple’s Hidden Desires

It’s a good idea to include props that reflect the desires of the parents in relation to the baby. If the expecting mother craves for pickles, you can have her posing with a pickle bottle in her hand. Alternatively, you could have the expecting dad feed the mother. If the dad is expecting a princess or has bought a crib in anticipation of the little one, you could feature the crib in the photo session. Read the rest of this entry »

Monday, August 15, 2016
Top Tips When It Comes To Working With Models

modelling photo studio in Ghatkopar When it comes to fashion photography or modelling, working with models is challenging. Experienced models may not collaborate as well as you may expect, while amateur models may need a lot of hand-holding and directions to get the expected photographs. Read this article to learn how you can work with models effortlessly and achieve stunning snaps that you can be proud of. Alternatively, work with a renowned modelling photo studio in Ghatkopar to learn the tricks of the trade.

Use The Criticism Sandwich When Giving Feedback

Experienced models may find it difficult to accept criticism. This is why you should use tact when speaking to them. The ‘criticism sandwich’ is a great way to share your feedback with models. First, provide positive feedback and then give your suggestion and end with another positive feedback. This way, the model will be willing to listen to your directions.

Photographer Jeff Rojas shared some tips in a recent article: Read the rest of this entry »

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