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Friday, June 26, 2015
Creative Ways To Capture Great Maternity Snaps

best maternity photographers A maternity photo session can be transformed from a regular photo session to a creative, fun experience that will capture timeless maternity snaps. It requires some creative ideas and techniques to capture beautiful maternity portraits, with the co-operation of the couple. While the best maternity photographers have some tricks up their sleeves due to their experience in the field, this article shares some ideas that you could use to capture great maternity snaps.

Boost The Confidence Of The Expecting Mother

Have the expecting mother do her make-up and hair styling to boost her confidence and make her feel beautiful, before the start of the photo session. It is natural for expecting mothers to feel conscious of how their looking, because of their baby bump. It is up to you, the photographer to boost her confidence, by encouraging her and complimenting for a great pose. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Some Useful Tips To Capture Great Corporate Photographs

corporate photography in BangaloreIf you’re looking for a convenient and hassle-free professional photography services, consider approaching a photo studio which specializes in corporate photography in Bangalore.

Try Natural Poses

Depending on the company culture, try natural poses instead of the clichéd headshots. This will make the photographs interesting for the audiences. You could even take photographs of employees at their desk. Try different angles or bring a different perspective to the corporate photographs.

Showcase Camaraderie

When capturing group photographs of employees, try showcasing the camaraderie shared by the team. You could do this by using a unique location or background for the snaps. You could take snaps of the team in the break area, while they are playing foosball or while they’re chilling out and cracking jokes on the sofa. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday, June 20, 2015
How To Capture Great Videos Of Events Or Functions

videography services in MumbaiIf you’re looking for professional help in creating videos, you could approach a photo studio that offers expert videography services in Mumbai.This will allow you to enjoy the occasion andtake part in the function, without getting worried about missing out on an important moment in the event.However, if you are keen on capturing the video yourself, this article shares some ideas and tips that you can use when capturing videos of an event or function.

Plan The Moments You Wish To Capture Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday, June 18, 2015
How To Make Your Fashion Photography Stand Out

fashion photography in MumbaiAre you looking to develop a portfolio of fashion photography to have more magazines calling you for their cover pages? While you could always assist a professional photographer who has established themselves in fashion photography in Mumbai, there are some ways in which you can make your photographs stand out.

You don’t need the model to show a lot of skin or wear provocative clothes to grab the attention of audiences. It takes creative thinking and strategic planning to make a fashion photography session successful. This article shares some great ideas to make your fashion photographs stand out and grab eyeballs.

Identify TheRight Model Or Models For The Photo Session

Outline a vision for the photo session and identify the right model, well in advance of the session. There are many modelling agencies that will be ready to help you with a portfolio of models. It is up to you to decide which model fits your vision best. Read the rest of this entry »

Monday, June 15, 2015
How To Capture Striking Glamour Photographs

glamour photo shoot in BangaloreGlamour photography captures flattering images of models by highlighting their best features with the help of lighting and composition techniques. You can learn the best techniques and lighting ideas by assisting a senior photographer during a glamour photo shoot in Bangalore. However, this article shares some ideas on how to capture striking glamour photographs.

Decide The Location Based On The Theme

It’s a good idea to decide the location for the glamour photo session based on the theme. If you want to portray an urban, high style look for the model, choose a bridge against the backdrop of high-rise buildings. On the other hand if you wish to create a contrast against a rustic, rural background, you could choose a dense forest with autumn leaves for the photo session.

Use Lighting To Highlight The Best Features Of The Model

Using lighting techniques to emphasize on the face or natural features of the model will create stunning results. Lighting plays an important role in photography. It can either make or break a photograph. This is why it is important for photographers to master lighting techniques and bring out the best in the model. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday, June 12, 2015
How To Capture Beautiful Maternity Photographs

Maternity photographyDo you want to establish yourself as a professional maternity photographer? While there are some things that you can learn over a period of time, other techniques need to be learnt. Instead of capturing maternity photographs in standard poses, you should innovate and come up with better ideas for posing. Alternatively, head to the nearest photo studio that specializes in maternity photography in Mumbai. This article shares some great ideas to capture beautiful maternity photographs.

Have The Father Kiss The Baby Bump

You can create memorable maternity photographs by involving the expecting father and any other children that the couple may have. Have the father kiss the baby bump, while you could have the child kiss the expecting mother. This can result in a beautiful family portrait that captures the emotions of the family as they prepare for the tiny tot. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
How To Capture A Perfect Matrimonial Profile Photograph

matrimonialEvery prospective bride and groom wants to look their best when they want to capture a matrimonial profile photograph. This photograph can increase your chances of finding a suitable bride or groom, based on your look, attitude and common interests. This is why capturing a perfect matrimonial profile photograph requires technique and skill. This article shares some handy tips that will help you capture a perfect matrimonial profile photograph.

Break The Ice And Interact With The Person

Anyone will be nervous when approaching the Matrimonial photographers to create flattering photographs of themselves. Hence spend some time interacting with the person to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Break the ice by cracking jokes and connecting with the person. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday, June 6, 2015
Five Must-Have Wedding Photographs That You Will Cherish

wedding photographers in Bangalore While your photographer will capture stock wedding photographs of the bride and groom together, there are some poses and ideas that you should include as part of your wedding photography session. This article shares five must-have wedding photograph ideas that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Getting Ready On The Big Day

It’s the small details of your wedding that you will cherish and remember. So, why should you miss out on these moments on your wedding day? Have the photographer capture snaps of the bride and groom as they are getting ready on the wedding day. This will help you recall fond memories of the big day. Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Baby Photography Tips That Can Help You As Beginners

newborn photographers in MumbaiTaking cute baby photographs is a skill that can be acquired as beginners. All it takes is practice and knowledge of techniques to capture flattering baby photographs. This article shares some useful baby photography tips that can help you as beginners. Using these tips you can find best newborn photographers in Mumbai.

Highlight The Tiny Proportions Of The Newborn

Most of us find the tiny features of the newborn baby a delight to see. So capturing this aspect in photographs can create flattering photographs of newborn babies. You can do this by juxtaposing the tiny body parts of the newborn baby against the mother or father’s body parts. For instance, you can take snaps of the little one’s hand, which is laid on top of the parent’s hand. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Top Mistakes In Family Photography That You Should Avoid

family portrait photography Many photographers focus on capturing all the family members in a single shot, without paying attention to the posing. However, the posing of family members influences the outcome of the photo session. Some amateur photographers end up making common mistakes that are avoidable.

This article takes a look at the top mistakes in family portrait photography that you will do well to avoid.

Taking Boring Straight Lines, Rows Or Columns

Some of the most mundane snaps that you will ever find are those where people in a group are standing together in a straight line.  A majority of us have these snaps in our old albums. Try interesting poses for the group and break the monotony of heads in a row. Stagger the heads or form triangles where you make the tallest persons stand at the back, while the shortest stands in the front. It makes for an interesting visual. Read the rest of this entry »

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